Kạb explores regional cuisine of Thailand and its neighbouring countries such as Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia & Cambodia. We strive to deliver an intimate informative dining experience via pop-ups, kitchen takeovers and residencies across East Sussex, Cornwall and our dedicated dining space, S̀xn Rên, located in Hove. Menus are inspired by the flavours, spices and culinary methods of Thailand, focusing on local seasonal British and foraged produce with quality Asian ingredients produced both in the UK and Thailand. We carefully select craft ales, wines and spirits that are matched to our dishes and menus curated by Sign of the Vines, Newcomer Wines and local small-batch produces within the South East.

Fish and seafood are provided via day-boats operating within Sussex and the Southwest of England. Our meat and poultry are grass-fed supplied by high-welfare producers ensuring their provenance is fully understood. Our wood-fired stoves, grills and smokers use local sustainable ethical lump wood charcoal and firewood from West Sussex and our rice is provided Rice Inc , who are empowering rice growers across Asia and helping them escape the poverty cycle.

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